• This new cabinet represents the best we can offer in terms of performance, durability and esthetics. The past 40 years have completely devoted to researching and developing durable products that ensure optimal wine maturing. This is how THE best wine cabinet in the world is born.

  • Add an impressive display of style and innovation to your drinks. AnchorICETM helps chill drinks without quickly diluting their distinctive flavours because the larger 2” size melts much slower than traditional ice cubes. The stainless steel frame frozen inside the ice allows it to sink to the bottom & away from your lips while drinking.

  • Give your tasty tropical drinks an extra burst of colour and style by serving them on these fun wood coasters at your next backyard party. The durable silicone edges help prevent scratches and the solid wood is sealed with a food-grade coating.

  • Give your tabletop or bar a classy look with these dark stained wood & silicone coasters. The durable silicone edges help prevent scratches and the solid wood is sealed with a food-grade coating.

  • What better way to carry or gift wine than a bottle bag made from real imported Portuguese cork. It can fit most wine or champagne bottles up to 1.5 liters and helps protect the bottle during transportation. This bag is 100% reusable and the fabric liner inside helps to provide increased durability.

  • Serve your favourite shots from these shots glasses that are designed to look just like an old barrel. Handmade from solid wood & sealed with a food-grade coating these shot glasses are perfect for any backyard party & barbecue.

  • Keep your garnishes for crafty cocktails organized and sanitary with this four tray garnish bar caddy.The integrated lids on each container help keep everything fresh as cherries, olives, lemons or limes. Simply remove each container from the base for easy cleaning when finished.

  • Many cocktails call for a specific type of glass just like a martini needs a martini glass. The Moscow Mule Mug made popular in 1950’s is a must for the historic Moscow Mule cocktail.

  • Designed specifically for bomb shots these glasses feature a silicone cap that helps protect the glass from breaking when dropping the shot into the glass. Great for drinks like Jägerbombs™, Boilermakers, Irish Car Bombs, Sake Bombs and many more! Made to look just like a beer bottle with multi-coloured caps help to identify each glass among friends.

  • Serve & savour your favourite tequila from our Agave plant inspired decanter. The inside of the decanter is designed to look just like a Agave plant used to make Tequila. The 100% All-natural Portuguese cork stopper helps seal in freshness and the wide spout provides a smooth pour every time. Holds up to 850 ml and ideal for a standard 750 ml (25 oz)...

  • Stainless Steel Exterior Convey a look of utmost polish and sophistication Tinted glass door with stainless steel accents Delivers a high-end and modern appearnace that blends existing appliances and décor Built-In or Free-Standing Installation Options Automatic Defrost Sealed System Design

  • This full-height open case storage rack can hold 8 wood wine cases/crates. A must for collectors who like to track the evolution of a wine year-by-year.. Cases/ Crates not included


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