Flowers Bitter - Amer Kebek

Wild Mushrooms Bitter - Amer Kebek


Grain alcohol produced in Quebec.

A blend of local wild mushrooms.


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Our collection of bitters is created by macerating exceptional ingredients in high quality grain alcohol produced by La Chaufferie distillery in Granby, Quebec. Flowers, wild mushrooms, local fruits and foraged ingredients are all key components in our macerations. These products are the result of the collaboration between Vincent Van Horn, the head distiller at La Chaufferie, and Claudia Doyon, experienced mixologist and bar manager. They both work hand in hand with local raw ingredients. This is how they create such exceptional bitters. From distillation to the art of mixology the founders distinguish themselves with their attention to detail and respect for their ingredients. They have taken on the objective to encourage local producers while acting in an eco-responsible manner.  They are proud to say they produce their bitters from grain to bottle, controlling every step along the way. Only a few drops of these bitters are enough to transport your taste buds and experience primitive sensations.   


Passionate and intuitive, Claudia has a bachelor in communications from UQTR. She has also became over the years a key figure in the Quebec restaurant sector. In order to join her various interests namely in visual arts, harvesting, cooking and photography, she launched herself into the mixology field. She accords great importance in using local and boreal products such as plants, mushrooms and wild berries harvested by hand by her and her family.

She taunts to bring her cocktails and bartending offer to a gastronomic and artistic level with a boreal dimension. She has at heart to encourage Quebec producers. In her opinion, cooking and mixology go as a pair. That is why Amer Kebek is a must not only in the gastronomy area, but also in mixology.

Claudia does constant research with an approach that is avant-gardist and that promotes a style or should we say her style of “terroir” mixology. Her wish? Make the people that taste her creations live a nostalgic trip throughout their gustative memories.

Vincent Van Horn

Student at McGill University in nutrition and ecology, this young man, native from Bedford, started in the field of spirits by making rhum in the Caiman Islands where his spirits won multiple awards. He achieved his dream by becoming head distiller for “la Distillerie la Chaufferie” where he is also one of the Shareholder. What he is most proud off is that his distillery is one of the distilleries in Quebec that can assert that they are 100% local “From grain to glass”.

We trust Amer Kebek will be classed among the rare bitter companies to be issued from a micro-distillery that produces its alcohol form the grain. For Vincent, the procedure of fabrication is very important since it allows him to promote the symbiosis between art of distilling, the science of nature and gastronomy.

For the Distillerie de la Chaufferie, the circular economic englobing the product « Amer Kebek« will be part of the entreprise.

For Vincent Van Horn, this type of product adds a creative and original touch to its spirits. A great synergy settles down between the spirits, mixology and gastronomy. His wish? Create an original base that is Quebecois and tasty, that’s other artists of the industry could use in order to create their own masterpieces.

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50 ml
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