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EuroCave Revelation - L Model - Full Glass Door
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EuroCave Revelation - Large Model

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The big model of REVELATION range is a wine cabinet with a single temperature and simple use which benefits from all of EuroCave knowledge. Its 14 sliding shelves allows to keep up to 170 bottles*. 

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The big model of REVELATION range is a wine cabinet with a single temperature and simple use which benefits from all of EuroCave knowledge. Its 14 sliding shelves allows to keep up to 170 bottles*.

The revelation range combines elegant style, ease-of-use and peace of mind...

The revelation range provides an innovative way to mature your wines:

  • Insulating walls thickened by 34% offering less energy consumed and a compressor that triggers less frequently.
  • New sliding shelves with a soft-close device.
  • Next generation of "main du sommelier", structures in two materials protects the bottles from vibration. They also allow to store all bottles formats including Champagne bottles and magnum.
  • A strip of light all around the cabinet to dramatically highlight the inside of the cabinet.

*The capacities are approximate and calculated in factory with Bordeaux bottle type.

The 6 advantages offered by EuroCave

*Capacities are approximate and calculated with Bordeaux bottles type.

For optimal maturing of your wine, EuroCave respects the requirements of your finest wines:

A constant temperature

The EuroCave thermal control system. This Twin Process system is made up of a dual hot/cold circuit. It recreates the specific climate of the best natural cellars. Thanks to high precision sensors, Twin Process carries out real time corrections to fluctuations in temperature. In this way, a constant temperature of 9° - 15°, is ensured inside the cabinet whatever the external environment (0° - 35°). A uniform temperature is ensured by the walls, made of aluminium, well known for its exellent thermal conductivity.

A suitable level of humidity.

A uniform, controlled level of humidity. EuroCaves's Hygro+ and NeoFresh ensure that your wine maturing cabinet has a level of humidity above 50%, to prevent your corks from drying out and, as a result, irreversible oxidation are the only cabinets to be fitted with an automatic display and a humidity alarm system.

Effective thermal insulation

A cellular insulant to protect your wine from elements. CQI* insulant, combined with thick walls (5 cm) form a double thermal barrier, which ensures optimal protection against temperature variations. Insulation is essential as it prevents temperature fluctuations and reduces power consumption. EuroCaves's insulation provides protection equivalent to almost 2 metres of earth, as is the case in a natural cellar.

A permanent ventilation system

The breather effect. EuroCave wine cabinets benefit from a ventilation system with breather effect, very similar to the ventilation system of a natural cellar. The air circulates via 2 openings located at the top and bottom of the cabinet. The airs enters through the top opening, fittedwith a charcoal filter which purifies the air and prevents bad odours. Furthermore, the constant renewal of air prevents mould from forming in your cabinet.

An anti-vibration system

Protection against premature wine ageing. Vibrations disturb wine's maturing process. The EuroCave VES (Vibration Exclusion System) provides your cabinet with a barrier against vibrations with several levels of protection. The cabinet compressor is separate from the body, which prevents vibrations being transmitted to it. Furthermore, the shelves are fitted with several schock absorbers and the cabinet feet ensure complete stability.

Storage capacity

Storage specifically designed for wine bottles. Contrary to other cabinets in the elctrical goods market, Eurocave cabinets are specifically designed to store wine bottles. The bottles are stacked at double depth (top and tailed) and are perfectly supported in the specially designed recesses. A steel frame and stiffener strenghten the structure of the cabinet to allow it to support the weight of the bottles and prevents the body from buckling.

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Eurocave Révélation
101 to 200 bottles
Full glass door UV
Temperature zone
1 zone
Charcoal filter
Opening shelves
Extensible shelves
Security lock
Reversible door
No (Right and left available)
Extensible ball-bearing shelves
Seamless door
Yes (full glass)
Noise decibel db(A)
Part waranty
5 years
Labor warranty
2 years


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