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Kit of 4 Spritz glasses Aperizzo Ritzenhoff 2849999
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Kit of 4 Spritz glasses Aperizzo Ritzenhoff 6051001
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Specially designed for spritz and sangria, this glass can also be used for all your cocktails.

Decorated with unique designs created by renowned international designers, the glasses in the Aperizzo collection will appeal to design lovers and collectors. Each glass comes in an exclusive gift box.  

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Pulltex Anti-Oxidant Sparkling Wine and Champagne Stopper in Silicone
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Silicone AntiOx Champagne Stopper
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Thanks to the AntiOx stopper you can enjoy the aromas of a freshly opened bottle of sparkling wine up to 8 days after opening. The integrated activated carbon filter stops the oxidation process and preserves all the organoleptic properties of the wine. Its patented technology is scientifically proven and is recommended by the best Sommeliers.

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