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Set of 3 Wine Stoppers ''Concerto''

Vacuum wine stoppers are designed to be used in combination with our Wine Saver. The Wine Saver system is used to reseal an open bottle of wine by extracting oxygen from the bottle, creating a vacuum to preserve your wine for longer. The vacuum can easily be released, meaning you can enjoy a glass of wine whenever you like. Our corks can also be used to temporarily seal your wine bottles at parties or dinners by simply using the hermetic stoppers without creating a vacuum.


  • Pink, blue and violet
  • Use in combination with Wine Saver
  • Airtight sealing of wine bottles
  • Vacuum slows down the oxidation process
  • Reusable stopper
  • Not suitable for sparkling wines
  • Made in the Netherlands
Active Cooler White Wine - Grapes

Chilling drinks quickly and keeping them cold is no longer a problem using the Active Cooler! The amazing Active Coolers can best be described as super cold flexible ice jackets. They can, when taken from the freezer, simply be slipped over the bottle. The drink will be chilled after 5 minutes and stays cool for hours. The coolers are unbreakable and reusable.

  • Chills drinks in minutes and keeps them cool for hours
  • The coolers are unbreakable and reusable.
  • Active chiller without ice
  • Chills in 5 minutes
  • Keep in the freezer
  • No waste of space in the fridge
  • Made in the Netherlands
Black Snap Wine Thermometer

Serving wine at the right temperature is easier said than done. What is the temperature of the wine you are serving and what is the right temperature for which wine? To solve this problem Vacu Vin has produced the Snap Thermometer. Like a snap bracelet you simply “click” it around the bottle and wait for the right temperature to appear. For the right serving temperatures refer to the temperature index at the back of the Snap Thermometer.


  • Shows the temperature of the wine
  • Ensures your wine is served at the right temperature
  • Flexible band fits any size bottle
  • Wine serving temperature index at the back (°C/°F) 
Black Wine Pump & Stopper Concerto

The Wine Saver Concerto is a vacuum pump that extracts air from an open bottle and seals it with a reusable rubber stopper. Place the reusable stopper in the bottle and extract the air from the bottle using the Wine Saver pump. A "clicking" sound from inside the pump tells you when you've reached the optimum vacuum level. The vacuum slows down the oxidation process, so you can enjoy your wine again at a later date.


  • Preserves your wine after opening
  • Vacuum indicator in pump: clicks when vacuum is reached
  • Not suitable for sparkling wines