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Kit of 4 Spritz glasses Aperizzo Ritzenhoff 2849999
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Kit of 4 Spritz glasses Aperizzo Ritzenhoff 6051001
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Specially designed for spritz and sangria, this glass can also be used for all your cocktails.

Decorated with unique designs created by renowned international designers, the glasses in the Aperizzo collection will appeal to design lovers and collectors. Each glass comes in an exclusive gift box.  

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Set of 9 Marble Whisky Stones with Box

The solution to diluted drinks is here. Chill Whisky and Spirits without watering them down with this set of nine marble whisky stones. They stay cold longer than ice and will add a touch of elegance to your drink. Simply place the stones in the freezer and, in a few hours, they'll be ready to use. Included is a practical black velvet storage bag for easy transport or storage when not in use. Now you can enjoy a whisky on the rocks, literally.

Tout sur les Gins du Québec - Patrice Plante

Ce livre a remporté la médaille d'argent dans la catégorie Narration culinaire  aux Lauréats des saveurs du Canada 2022.

Au cours des dix dernières années, un nombre impressionnant de micro-distilleries ont vu le jour au Québec. Devant l’immense sélection de gins et de liqueurs de gin qui nous est offerte, il n’est pas toujours facile de faire un choix qui correspond parfaitement à nos goûts. Patrice Plante (alias Monsieur Cocktail) et son équipe vous proposent cet ouvrage pour mieux connaître, mieux apprécier et mieux choisir vos gins québécois parmi ceux disponibles sur les tablettes et en distilleries.

Version française seulement

Fontaine Absinthe - La Fée Argentée

This beautiful Art Deco piece will stand out in any room it sits in, whether in use or not. Tall and heavy, this piece is a variation of the Lady fountain which was very popular at the time of the Belle Epoque.The Fairy absinthe fountain is easy to disassemble for cleaning. The hand blown water reservoir will hold about two liters of water and its height helps to quickly dissolve the sugar.