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Set of 2 Universal Glasses - Gabriel Glas


One glass for all your wines - it's possible!

The Gabriel-Glas is the ultimate wine glass. This universal glass, designed by the famous wine critic René Gabriel, enhances all your wines - white, red, rosé, sparkling and even dessert. Its unique shape reveals the aromas and flavors of each wine. Treat yourself to the simplicity and elegance of the Gabriel-Glas, the glass that is revolutionizing the art of wine tasting.

Alpha Decanter - Gabriel Glas
$439.99 Regular price $549.99


A true centerpiece!

On the table, it draws the eye with its refined, elegant design. Its slender silhouette and graceful curves make it a veritable sculpture that will enhance any table. But the Alpha decanter isn't just beautiful, it's practical too. Open at both ends, it allows optimal aeration of the wine, releasing all its aromas and flavors. Its diamond-cut rim ensures precise, drip-free pouring, preventing accidents and stains. Its gentle curve allows mature wines to deposit their sediment, guaranteeing optimal tasting.