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Clear Wine & Champagne Cooler Bag

Great for parties and outdoor activities, this durable PVC waterproof bag will keep your wine or Champagne perfectly chilled. Reusable and collapsible design allows this bag to be expanded or collapsed in seconds, making it ideal for on-the-go situations. Just add ice, water and your favourite wine or Champagne to help cool down or keep wine chilled. Holds a standard 25 oz (750 ml) wine or Champagne bottle with plenty of room for ice.

Set of 2 spirit glasses - Revolve

Precision-engineered, Revolve glasses from Final Touch feature an elegant, contemporary silhouette. Their solid base ensures optimum stability, while the lead-free crystalline glass wall enhances the color and clarity of your favorite spirits.


The distinctive aspect of the Revolve collection lies in its integrated rotation mechanism, offering an innovative way to enjoy your spirits. By gently rotating the glass, you allow your beverage to gradually air out, releasing its complex aromas and enhancing the sensory experience.