Choosing the Right glasses


Whether red or white, sweet or dry, wine requires a proper serving temperature and a specific style of glass for service, in order to reach its full potential flavor.

Red wine glass

The ideal glass will be a large and wide glass enables to swirl the wine without spilling. Its large size enables to optimize oxygenation and imprison flavors, to collect all the potential of the grape. The shape directs the flow of wine to the parts of the tongue that can perceive sweetness, emphasizing the fruit and de-emphazing the bitter tannins. The opening is large enough to slip the nose.

White wine glass

A white wine glass bowl will be smaller and more U shaped than a red wine glass, allowing the aromas to be released while maintaining a cooler temperature.

Champagne and sparkling wine glass

A sparkling wine glass will be upright and narrower than most glasses to retain the carbonation and capture the flavor in the beverage.

Crystal or glass?

Whether we drink in a crystal bowl or a glass, we can’t see the difference in taste. It is rather a question of aesthetics and tasting comfort. The crystal is thinner and more transparent, and therefore more enjoyable.



A good beer glass has to maintain subtle flavors of some beers and keep the effervescence. The choice of beer glass depends on the alcohol rate, the service temperature and the type of beer.


This more common format is perfect for ales. Generally, flavor is very marked, it is not necessary to use a glass that promotes development of subtle flavors.


German typical shape, the beer mugs keep the beer cold longer than the other beer glassware. This is done by the thickness of the glass and the mug’s handle which prevent your hand from warning the beer.

Balloon glass

This shape is ideal for strong beers, high in alcohol, warm, served at cellar temperature (12°C). The balloon can boost the beer effervescence and preserve the flavors and aromas.


The tulip shape is superb to gather all the distinctive aromas of complex beers. Perfect for Belgian beer, it is made of thin, light and clean glass.