Set of 2 Shot Glass Shtox

Set of 2 Shot Glass Shtox


Until now no glass in the world could turn on itself. The glass SHTOX is a revolution in the world of glassware, a simple movement of the hand is enough to rotate it on itself.


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What is Shtox?

What is the Shtox glass? This is unique glass, which can spin on the table. At first glance, the rotation of the glass seems unbelievable and difficult to understand. But in fact this "phenomenon" is as simple as the rotation of a wheel. You just take a glass (empty or with a drink inside), put it on the table and with a slight movement of the hand give the glass a spin... and something amazing happens: the glass rotates on the table right in front of your eyes.

Why does the Shtox glass spin? The shape of the bottom of the Shtox glass is specially designed and manufactured to allow it to spin on any hard flat surface. The unique design of the bottom of the glass is protected by international invention patent. The bottom of each glass is hand crafted at the factory.

In fact, in our everyday life we all can not admit even the thought that a glass can spin. What is written, for example, in Wikipedia about the tumbler: "Tumblers are flat-bottomed drinking glasses". Not a single word about the fact that a glass can possibly spin. During the history of mankind great many tableware producers invented a huge variety of glasses. There are glasses with different forms of sections, of different height and width. Plain glasses and faceted. Glasses made of crystal, glass, metal and plastic. Glasses of different colours for every taste. But until now, the world didn’t know a glass, that could spin. That is why we confidently and proudly declare that the Shtox glass – is a revolution in the world of glasses.

The Shtox glass can be compared to a whirligig (a humming-top). But it is not a top. A top stays upright only while its spinning, but when the rotation slows down, it falls over on its side. It does not happen with the Shtox glass, which stays in a stable, upright position while its spinning and after it stops, without spilling a drop. The Shtox glass can also be compared to a rotor in an electric engine. But, unlike an electric engine, our glass does not  require electricity ro spin; it spins at the slightest touch of your hand and the harder you spin it, the faster and longer it turns. The Shtox glass can also be compared to a wheel. But, as opposed to a wheel, our glass will not roll away from you, it spins in place.

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70 ml / 2.5 oz
Shot Glass
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