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Coravin - Standard Replacement Needle


Each needle is stainless steel and Teflon® coated, providing durability and easy insertion over hundreds of pours. However, should your needle need to be replaced, the Standard Replacement Needle is identical to what was initially included with your Coravin System. .

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Replace the needle


Gauge 15.5 16.5 18 16.5
Length 3.5" 3.6" 3.6" 3.6"
Band color (grip) Red Black Silver Gold
Materials Teflon® coated stainless steel Teflon® coated stainless steel Teflon® coated stainless steel Teflon® coated stainless steel
When to use? For a faster pour and accessing bottles with corks that are in good condition. The ideal needle for most bottles and situations. The standard needle that came with the Coravin System. For accessing an older bottle or if cork quality is of concern. Delivers a faster pour than the original standard needle and reduces cork remnants in wine.
Pour Speed About 19-25 seconds. More than 20% faster than the original Faster Pour Needle. About 25-29 seconds. More than 20% faster than the original Standard Needle About 53-57 seconds, same as the original Vintage Needle. About 25-29 seconds. More than 20% faster than the original Standard Needle
  • When should I replace a worn needle?

    If you notice it becoming difficult to insert or remove the needle into the cork, the coating on the needle may be worn. Inspect the tip to look for wear or damage. If the special coating has worn off, leaving a silver color rather than black, you may need a new needle.

  • How can I tell which needle I have in my Coravin?

    Bands around the grip of Coravin needles are color coded for easy reference

    Red - Faster Pour needle - 15.5 gauge

    Black - Standard needle - 16.5 gauge

    Silver - Vintage Cork needle - 18 gauge

    Gold - Premium Needle - 16.5 gauge

  • I'm trying to pour but nothing is coming out. What do I do?

    There are several items to check if you are having trouble pouring wine. Remove the Coravin System from the bottle and give the trigger a quick press. If you hear gas escaping, then you have gas and the needle is clear - the problem is likely that the Coravin System was not fully seated on the bottle and the needle had not penetrated completely through the cork. If you do NOT hear gas escaping after a quick press of the trigger, you may simply be out of gas or your needle may be clogged with some cork particles. To check for a clogged needle, unscrew the needle from the Coravin System and then try a quick press of the trigger again. If you hear gas flow, then it is likely that your needle is clogged by some small cork particles. If you do NOT hear Gas with the needle removed, then you are likely out of gas and need a new Coravin Capsule.

  • How do I unclog my needle?

    If you have determined that you your needle is clogged with cork particles, use the Needle Clearing Tool included with your Coravin System to unclog it. Hold the Needle Clearing Tool by the handle and gently poke the tool through the eye of the needle to remove any cork particles. Always hold the needle by the needle grip. Insert the clearing tool into the top of the needle by the needle grip, and slide down to push any excess cork towards the eye of the needle. Poke the tool through the eye to the needle again to remove any last cork particles. Repeat until no cork is visible. Please click here to watch our instructional video on unclogging a needle.

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