Vinum Cognac Hennessy 6416/71

Riedel "Vinum" Collection - Cognac


The classic machine-made Brandy glass from the RIEDEL Bar glass collection is the essential glass for every bar. The traditional balloon shape of the Brandy glass concentrates the nuances of the bouquet. The round and wide bowl rests perfectly in the hand to bring the wine to the right temperature. 

: Riedel

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RIEDEL BAR is composed of elegant and functional glasses designed to enhance the pleasure of the mind. The series highlights the aromatic and gustatory characteristics, while minimizing the bite of alcohol. RIEDEL adopts the same approach in the development of spirits glasses as in the refining of wine glasses. The tasters determine the forms that highlight the most popular spirits and fortified wines on the nose and palate, without losing the carefully crafted nuances of distillation to alcohol.

: 6416/18 (1)
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RIEDEL - Vinum
840 cm3
Fine spirits
Spirits Glasses
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