Wine Serving Cabinet - 12 Bottles


With is design and clean lines, Tête à Tête gives the wine cabinet a modern, urban feel. A sophisticated gem of cabinet, Tête à Tête will complement the most elegant interiors thanks to its stylized lines, amber lighting, subtle glass top and completely transparent door.


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With its understated design and clean lines, Tête à tête offers a wine cabinet of sophistication and modernity. Based on the concept of preserving open bottles, Tête à tête is a wine serving cabinet - 12 bottles - Multi-temperature offering the possibility of preserving two open wine bottles for up to 10 days.

Very clever and user-friendly, thanks to its touch screen, tête à tête allows you to very accurately set the desired serving temperature and in this way have your best bottles at your fingertips. An elegant gem of a wine cabinet, Tête à tête fits perfectly into the most refined interiors thanks to its stylized lines, amber lighting, refined glass cover and transparent door.

Service Tips

The cellars of service, also called cellars of day, bring the wines to ideal temperature of consumption. The cellars with several temperature zones allow to place several types of wines (red, white, rosé wines, etc.).

Did you know? If the ice bucket is perfect to keep certain bottles at the temperature on the table, it should not be used to refresh a bottle, the sudden loss of degrees harming the aromas of the wines.

Wines and Temperatures

The temperature of white wines:
- 7-8 ° C: Simple champagnes and sparkling wines, muscats, simple sweet wines.
- 9-10 ° C: Alsace late harvests, mellow wines, light dry or dry white wines.
- 11-12 ° C: Dry white wines, semi-dry white wines (Vouvray, Pinot gris d'Alsace), Gewurztraminer, fine champagnes, beautiful sweet wines, noble grains.
- 13-14 ° C: Best dry white wines, yellow wines and other oxidative-style wines.
- 15-16 ° C: Older wines.
The temperature of rosé wines:
- 7-8 ° C: Simple rosé champagnes and other pink effervescent.
- 9-10 ° C: Light rosés, thirsty wines
- 11-12 ° C: Fine rosé champagnes, classic rosé wines
- 13-14 ° C: Clarets of Bordeaux, structured rosé wines, Burgundy Rosés
The temperature of red wines:
- 12 ° C: Light and fruity red wines.
- 13 - 14 ° C: Beaujolais and little tannic wines, Banyuls and other natural sweet wines.
- 15 - 16 ° C: Bourgognes, Rhône, Loire and red wines of medium structure.
- 17 - 18 ° C: Bordeaux and all red wines with good structure, Portos.
- 19 - 20 ° C: Exceptional and advanced wines.

: S-013 PV NS
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Eurocave Tête à Tête
2 to 20 bottles
Capacity (750ml)
12 Bouteilles
6 degrees - 18 degrees
33 1/2 (850mm)
11 3/4" (300mm)
18 1/3" (465mm)
60 Lbs (27kg)
Cabinet color
Full glass (no frame)
Temperature zone
Temperature display
Illuminated touch tone
Built-in and Free Standing
Charcoal filter
Extensible shelves
Lighting of upper bottles (2 amber LEDs)
Security lock
Reversible door
Seamless door
Yes (full glass)
Noise decibel db(A)
Very low
Part waranty
2 years
Labor warranty
2 years
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