Riedel Performance Decanter

Riedel Performance Decanter


The Riedel wine decanter from the Performance Collection allows you to optimally taste the bouquet and complexity of the wine you are drinking. Gently pour your wine into the decanter, while leaving the deposit in the bottle for a pure taste. 

: Riedel

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Riedel Performance, THE new ultimate ambassador for your wines.

With three generations devoted to research, development and experience in the design of functional, variety-specific glasses, Georg and Maximilian Riedel took on the mission of improving what already existed.

The result of this research is the "Performance" collection.

Performance is the first collection of Riedel wine glasses to be equipped with chalices with a slight and unique optical effect.

Consisting of seven shapes made by machine, lightweight and durable, Performance glasses are made of fine sparkling crystal and feature thin stems and large bases to ensure faultless stability.

: 1490/13 (1)
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Data sheet

RIEDEL - Performance
1040.0 ccm - 36.6oz
345 mm - 9 41/64''
Red or White Wine
Year of creation

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